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130 140 class whitetail I've passed on several young 120-130" bucks in that time frame too. 134. The buck jumped the string and was hit in the upper neck. When hunting for whitetail, we do a lot of sitting and glassing pinch points that lead from bedding areas to feeding areas. Hope this helps. 21 Jul 2019 So I was comparing wind drift between the 130gr AR Hybrid and 140gr Elite Hunter at a 4400' DA, which is pretty typical here on a Summer . 130" Class. 5 Day Hunt 140-149 Class Whitetail SOLD OUT 2. For more specific information on any of these trophy mounts, call Carl Eddy today at 319-361-6660. Our Whitetail deer management program targets producing trophy caliber bucks. We harvest the following classes of deer on the ranch (see “Our Deer Herd”): Vaughn Ranch Hunting Prices Effective 2020 Whitetail Deer Hunts All Whitetail hunts are 3 days, 2 nights – (hunts start in morning on first day and end in the afternoon on 3rd day-except on 2 day Youth Hunts ) Management Buck Hunt Includes Doe, Turkey or Javelina Less than 130 inch. I've also killed several 120-130" bucks that were mature (4-5 years old). Great season with a lot of great clients and deer! With 9 of our top 15 hit list bucks still alive, we are looking forward to seeing them drop in 2020 season as those 9 will be well over 180'' and many more stud bucks we have seen around after the season ended! Any buck up to 130 Class SCI . Just my May 24, 2011 · In past years, my plan in Ohio was to hunt several farms in October, harvesting some does, and then based on sightings and sign, narrow my efforts down to a farm or two. There is a 130-inch minimum harvest size at Whitetail Heaven and some farms have a 140- or 150-inch minimum. Bucks shot under the minimum are subject to a $750 penalty. 21 Nov 2017 In the case of this buck, the main beam is significantly longer than the ear and eye to nose tip measurements combined. Go now! Archery whitetail should be very good in 2020 if HD (Hemorrhagic Disease, also known as Blue Tongue) does not show up. We offer great hunts at good prices for the hunter looking for a buck in the 130, 140 and 150 class range. Our hunts are semi-guided, meaning we’ll show you an area and then let you setup and hunt your own spot. Club currently needs 16 members. The Bandera Ranch is also home to 25+ species of exotics including many super exotic species. NON HUNTER : $175 per night. 160 This is a giant coues whitetail buck that I filmed during the rut. Made in USA. The 130 grain AR Hybrid is . Upgrade Mystic to Mystic X; Upgrade Mystic to Infiniti X; Upgrade Mystic to Cosmic; Upgrade Leonidas to Leo Ti; Upgrade Chaotic to Chaotic Ti; Upgrade KTL or Essence Trophy Deer Hunt 3 Days – $1,995. Western MA Hunter 05-Dec-08. 140" Class. Custom Shop; Upgrades. Hours of Operation. Here at WWR, we have a variety of hunting packages that can accommodate any budget. 151”-160” – $5,400. Besides the obvious that you have to put the bullet where it needs to be for a clean kill. There was no question, Shane was a little miffed at me for passing up multiple deer every morning on spot-and-stalk missions, and the numerous bucks we watched from treestands during evening hunts. Friday before Xmas I blew an easy shot (no cartridge in the chamber) at a 140 class 10 pt. Out of these co Just guessing by the photo as a ten pointer very few deductions I would say somewhere in the low to mid 130's. Pretty typical pre-rut morning. 5 KB. Saw off the brow tines and wear leather gloves to keep from mashing fingers. class bucks harvested yearly. Deposits may be refundable if another hunter can be booked during the same hunting days that hunting season and for the same class of deer. 00  23 Apr 2012 There's a simple rule underlying antler development in whitetail bucks That's our average, and thus the 130-class represents the peak of the bell curve. Had over 35 The OP wants pictures of 140 class deer, some listed have been, some have not. Imperial Whitetail Clover, No-Plow, PowerPlant and Winter-Greens are Whitetail Institute products we have used. Whitetail Hunts are priced for everyone's budget and each ranch is game managed with a limited number of hunts offered on each property each season. wide spread. Hunt is fully accommodated with the following amenities: lodging,food (open bar), digital photos of your trophies, care of game, and transportation to and from local airport. in the 140s than will in the 130s; even fewer in the 150s, and so on. Simply a fabulous trophy buck from Huntsville Whitetails. Their deer herd has been intensely managed for over 20 years and the bucks harvested annually are the product of many years of hard work. 9 Oct 2019 But in 2015, he got a picture of a 130-class buck that he estimated to be 3 By that point, he'd bloomed into a 140-class buck, and his body  1 Sep 2018 It was a year when 140-class bucks garnered little attention. The genes are here, and right now the food sources are more then adequate. Located in the corners of Atascosa, Karnes and Wilson counties in South Texas, this 1400 acre ranch has the prime habitat for growing huge trophy whitetail bucks. Second Chance Hunt $100 A lead point and tapered jacket consistently initiate and control expansion; and, a cannelure groove provides for a secure crimp. At 3 1/2 this buck was again an 8-pointer, but now he is beginning to show antler potential. Trophy Fees Whitetail Hunting: 131 to 140 class $750. Other areas consist of hardwood bottoms and row crops. From this point on the nutrients that previously went to bone growth can be transferred to antler growth. Whitetail Up to 139 Class $3,000. We estimate that 80% of our mature whitetail bucks are 140” class or better. Those are different hunts. The next afternoon, with only 20 or so minutes of shooting light left, a 130-inch 8-pointer walked in front  104, 108, 110, 130, 132, 134, 136, 138, 140, 156 for hunters who have obtained Trophy Sheep Special Licences through a Class S Outfitter or through a draw. I gave IMR 4350 and H4350 a try in my 6. This hunt is all-inclusive, which includes meals, lodging, San Antonio Airport pick-up/drop-off, skinning, quartering, transport of game to butcher/taxidermist, Open Bar and 1x1 guide Whitetail Deer. 5 years for 140 deer based on the number of yearling scored above 130 with only one being in the 120 class. Even fewer have done it with a buck with less than 8 points. All whitetail deer hunts are conducted from custom built blinds, or on spot and stalk hunts utilizing customized electric atv/golf carts. This is a BIG 8 POINTER – what’s the score ??? 46. This is a great pair of sheds with palmated beams. If weather cooperates, expect deer in the 170+ class. Pope & Young minimum is 125, for reference, and that takes a VERY nice 8-pt to make it, or a solid, decent 10. Since you don't reload, I'm going to say the 6. Tipped GameKing, Swift High Grade 130-gr. We expect hunters to kill white-tailed deer in the 130-160 class and mule deer in the 140-170 class. We also can offer some whitetail hunts for the 110-130 class, with an occasional opportunity at a 150 class buck. I'd say these bucks, at a guess, go from between 120-160, bottom to top. Combined the reference  30 Jul 2019 Hunters if you really want to describe how large your trophy buck is, score it But the fact is a 130 inch buck, is a very good, solid animal for most parts of the country. SST, Norma Professional Hunter 130-gr. ) than the ear measurement of 7-8 inches, you can quickly gather a rough sum of Our Texas whitetail ranch has been expertly managed and have some of the best genetics you will find in a Texas Hunting ranch. 130-140 class deer as a straight 4x4. Always remember your average whitetail deer in Manitoba and Saskatchewan is a 130-140 class animal. 12pm-6pm CST Mon 9am-6pm CST Tue-Fri We have over 9000 acres leased in Licking, Muskingum and Coshocton counties here in Ohio. Peak rut is the second and third week of November. com Reserved Coach Seat $50 - $100 Business Class Seat $75 - $140 Sep 22, 2020 · The smaller parcels (160 acres) I hunt have neighbors that manage better. The OP wants pictures of 140 class deer, some listed have been, some have not. No additional daily guide or lodge rates. Trophy Whitetail Hunting. LODGE FEE : 200 PER DAY. That’s technically enough to lift 1,500 pounds a foot This prime area has produced whitetail in the 130 to 140 BC class. On a cool day in mid Nov. 130 to 140 Class . The ranch offers an excellent opportunity to harvest a 130-150 class buck and it is possible to take a 160”– 200” monster! The breeding program is currently stopped because they have achieved their goals with the herd size, maturity, and sex ratio at an optimum. Excellent Super Performance hunting bullet should be on the box! The Cross Oaks Ranch is located in the Texas Hill Country just outside Brady. At 330-yards a 130-grain Winchester Power Max Bonded bullet launched by this Mossberg 4×4 at 3,000 fps is still carrying 1,500 f-p energy. That may not sound all that impressive. They have to have stunning mass for this not to be the case. You likely won't see big differences in meat yields until you can compare a mature buck with the rest of the meat-pole crowd. . 1 Nice dark color Nov 04, 2020 · 3 1/2: When a whitetail reaches 3 1/2 years of age, its skeletal frame is done growing. Of the millions of 8-point whitetails that have been killed since 1830 (when B&C began keeping records 1 day* whitetail doe hunt $600; 2 day hunt under 130" Class Whitetail $2,000 now $1500; 3 day hunt 130"-139" Class Whitetail $3000 now $2,500; 3 day hunt 140"-149" Class Whitetail $4,000 now $3,500; 3 day hunt 150"-159" Class Whitetail $5000 now $4,500; 3 day hunt 160"-169" Class Whitetail $6,000 now $5,500; 3 day hunt 170"-179" Class Whitetail For most of us a 150-inch whitetail is the deer of a lifetime and is a great buck anywhere in the world. Brows give it away not tall enough to make 140 Hairy Beaver Taxidermy 732 552 4091 Oct 13, 2014 · Junior's outstanding whitetail is the biggest ever recorded from Monroe County, and he ranks as one of the Bluegrass State's top bucks from the 2013-14 season. Lodging and meals are included with our whitetail deer hunting packages. We offer trophy whitetail hunts, selective breeding for trophy Whitetail deer. Nebraska has a 9 day season from Nov 14-22 to hunt the rut with a rifle. 150 CLASS. Trophy, Management, Culls and Meat Hunts are offered on several Ranches in the West Texas area. Non-typical score. $7,000. ) with 1st. KIDS UNDER 12 100-110" 110-120" 120-130" 130-140" 140-150" 150-160" 160-170" 2 point 21 22 23 24A 24B CouesWhitetail. 00; Add a Cull Buck (7 point or less) $1,500. $4000. These hunts include One (1) buck up to 135 class B&C, 1 doe and 1 hog. How much time do you have to take the shot? Check out bowhunting's "10 Second Rule" The practice of field judging whitetail bucks has been a passion of mine for over 20 years, dating back to the late 80s while watching bachelor groups of bucks dine on Summer soybeans and hay within a Southern Michigan agricultural setting. Bucks in the 140 class could be expected to have 22 to 23 inch beams and a 150 class will probably have 24 plus inch beams. 144. Ranch: High Adventure Ranch • 263 Highway YY • Cook Station, Missouri 65449 Oct 22, 2020 · Of course, the reduced recoil loads featuring the 125 class bullets are real deer killers inside of 250 yards or so. We suggest to our hunting guests that we hope to be able to show them minimum 125 class whitetail and 140 class mule deer on our whitetail and mule deer primary hunts respectively. That's a nice buck but nowhere near 140. Bucks to 200 class have escaped the last several years. I'm just saying that if your goal is to find the place where you have the best chance at killing a VERY large Whitetail then that is your place. We maintain a 1 to 2 buck to doe ratio and the density on whitetail is one deer to 14 acres. Our guided deer hunts are averaging 100% success on 130-140 class whitetail and 60% success on 150 -160 class whitetail deer per harvest over the last 3 years. Feel free to  The study clearly showed that numerous 'inferior' 1 1/2-year-old spikes grew beautiful 130- to 140-class racks when they reached 4 1/2. Louis, MO 63043. 5 X 55 Swede with 140's and they are both excellent powders in the 6. As a result of this  TROPHY WHITETAIL DEER HUNTS 130 - 140” $2,700 Our Hunters can harvest some of the largest class trophy whitetail's managed at our Preserve. The easiest point to reference tine length is the ear base to tip measurement. 1 payment of $1,000 4 payments of $250 12 payments of $83. Nov 28, 2013 · A 130 is a fine buck, and I agree that most think the 120 is a 130, much like a 3 lb bass is a five pounders! I know a guy who passed a a 145-150 8 point last year in early January, twice! Well, he killed that deer this year early bow and it grossed 176 as a mg 10 with some stickers! Typical bucks net in the 130-140 class, but enough 150-160+ inch bucks roam the thickets and eventually find their way over to the bait piles. Archery season runs from Sept 15-Nov 15, and muzzle loaders can hunt the entire month of Dec. Lot # 58A 130 of 442) 37. Some bucks exceed the 160 mark, some are harvested while others leave the hunter with only a memory. It is reasonable for the hunter to see 130 to 160 BC class deer during the hunt. A 150 WT plus or minus 5 inches would fit in well with a 200 MD, and a 350 elk. Great antlers for dog training/chews, decoration, crafting, and collecting etc. 00 plus $300. To be educational, it needs to be accurate. WE CURRENTLY HAVE 100% SUCCESS RATE ON 130-140 CLASS DEER OVER  9 Nov 2016 2016 Archery Self Filmed 140 Inch Buck Hunt W/ Double Lung Kill Shot! P sets out for his first hunt of the year and double lungs a beast of a Pennsylvania buck. When we first started, the average size of a mature whitetail buck was between 130″- 140″. Up Trophy Whitetail Hunting Prices 1 (304) 832-6635 Season runs September 1 to January 31st • 120 - 130” $2,000 • 130 - 140” $2,700 • 140 - 150” $3,200 I also live in VA right now and shot a 130-140 class buck every year and love the number of buck and does tags. Office (Send Deposits): High Adventure Ranch • 308 Mikel • St. Buck up to 120″ B&C from the Preserve. In regard to trophy-class whitetails, Cassidy said, “Our hunts at Cassidy Outfitters offer great chances for trophy whitetails. Paved all-weather roads throughout the property make it easy to have a photo safari or gain access to the deer blinds when it is wet. 47 Instructions Circle the average of field-dressed weights for each age class of  So I just got a text of a 130-140 inch buck in velvet getting killed! Anybody else get this pic? If i'm not mistaken I belive that is Steve Lewellen  net · gross · 110" and above · 120" and above · 130" and above · 140" and above · 150" and above · 160" and above. Bubba constantly scanned the field with his binoculars, hoping to spot one of the larger bucks from earlier in the week. Up to 160 Class . (All hunts require a $1,000 nonrefundable Deposit) Hunts are fully guided. We’ve had bucks as large as 190 typical inches harvested here. Several of the deer we saw were 130–140-class bucks. 130”-140” – $3,000. 00 Whitetail 190+ TBD Select Bucks Priced Individually – We manage harvest rates very carefully. Though I have no idea if this is true, I once read a report from a wildlife biologist that said that only 1 in 10,000 whitetails ever grew a 150-inch rack. With a population of 20-25 million, whitetail deer hunting is plentiful. 140" – 149” $4,500 Whitetail deer can be found in the 140-150 class and on occasion we see bucks in the 160-180 class. A few 150 class bucks have been taken, and our trail cams consistently capture excellent mature bucks each year. I would say pick anytime in November. 00 Whitetail 170 to 179 Class $7,000. please sign me up for: 1 year - $35 2 years - $62. The first morning of the hunt I got on the stand and had several 120-130 bucks come within bow range but nothing big. Additionally, we have a new site, about 7 minutes from the base lodge, that provides us quick access to a wooded swampy area where bucks hang out once the hunting pressure has kicked in. This hand gun hunter made a amazing shot on this 155 inch whitetail buck making the SCI Record book ranking number 2 under the North-west typical estate. From Aspermont to Rocksprings our hunting properties offers the most space, adventure, and the highest possibility to harvest your next trophy buck. 120-125 class bucks this year in the hopes of seeing a buck in excess of 130. The Cross Oaks Ranch uses MLD Permits. If you are in good health don't be afraid to hit zone 9. 81 PPR (0) (Class III) Don't Lie for the Other Guy Why Buy From Buds? High 140 class Whitetail rack on skull. Second chance hunt must be booked in advance. 3 ⅛. 150" - 159" Whitetail Hunt $3,300. 48. Just hunt smart, and put your time in. To them an 8- or 10-pointer in that range is a dream buck. I hunt with it when shots can come up close and personal, but aren’t likely to top a few hundred yards. on one side with a 14 in. com. By estimating how much longer or shorter each tine length is (G1, G2, G3, G4, etc. Then there's my nephew who hunts on what's left of the family farm. Trophy expectations are realistically set at 115BC-130BC, with virtually all of our harvested bucks being eight points or better with spreads typically ranging from 15" - 20" or better. This means we have our own deer tags and a longer season. 117 ⅝. Whether you hunt close to home or take an adventure into the wilderness, and whether you hunt big game, small game, upland birds or waterfowl, Outdoor Life's hunting experts can help you be more successful in the field. I had two shooters in the 140 class but didn’t get the opportunity for a shot. Figure 17 Boone and Crockett scores at 4. High 120's, 130 Max. This GameChanger is bad medicine on deer, elk and bear. But a 130 whitetail (in the wild, not on a preserve) is a fine buck. Contact them at (800) 689-6619 or (859) 509-2704, or go to whitetailheavenoutfitters. The biggest attraction for most whitetail fanatics, is the opportunity to record their trophies with an unbiased, record-keeping agency in acknowledgement of the natural genetic diversity among whitetailed deer across the continent. Typical score. or better harvested last year, with 130 in. Deer, turkey, hogs, small game and ducks are abundant, but that is not all this property has to offer the outdoorsman. Hunt methods are ground blinds, tree stands, and heated shooting houses over food plots. $4500. Gallery: Whitetail Hunt Photos. Management Hunt, Up to 130″ class, $3,000. We expect our hunters to ‘hold out’ for a mature buck ~140 class, or better. Terrific antlers right at sundown. Both would give an excellent opportunity at a 140+ class deer if you dedicate 10-14 days and get cool weather. Great product that works! Jan 06, 2018 · It wears a 24”, 1-8” twist Hart barrel. 150"-150" class mature buck +$1000. Ranch: High Adventure Ranch • 263 Highway YY • Cook Station, Missouri 65449 in 10-point increments; the number of bucks in each B&C class is shown on the y (vertical)-axis. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. The 130 class bullets would be awesome whitetail medicine with the 140 class are a good choice for elk. The largest buck taken by a client gross scored 204! Every year, we have boasted several bucks in the 160-170 class and many in the 140-150s. Above: (from l. Please call 1 800 240 3337 to speak to Mike Handley to pre-register. I wore out a 270 WSM barrel with 140 gr Berger's killing whitetail and elk from 50 to 800 yards, I haven't shot anything better in a slower twist, I ran them 3300 fps and the 140 accubond at 3350 fps and by the time the accubond dropped to 2200 fps I was recovering bullets that were marginally open after going through deer and into soil. Units 141 and 162 are like unit 130 in that winter weather moves the big bucks down. The property features food plots, 15 deer stands with feeders, a rifle range, a 40 acre flooded beaver pond for waterfowl hunting and deer taken in the 130-140 class every season. Hunters can also add a little wild pheasant hunting for a very small fee. It’s a sub-MOA rifle with loads firing the Hornady 140-grain AMAX and Berger 130-grain AR Hybrid. Back to Many of the 130-140 class deer are shot within the first two days of the hunt. Southern fawns weigh less — in fact, sometimes less than 30 pounds field dressed. Whitetail deer is the single most popular animal to hunt in the United States. Use the profile of the deer to make this estimate. We have whitetail bucks in the 130”-200” class and our clients usually see a couple of these giants within range each week along with smaller bucks and does. The hunting area consists of 8,000 private acres. 00 Aug 28, 2018 · “Some whitetail hunters, especially from the East, have never seen a 130- or 140-inch buck. Our Texas whitetail ranch 130-139 7/8 B&C. Will someone please explain this system to me? I understand that the higher the number, the bigger the deer, but I would like to know the exact definition of what makes a buck 120, 140, etc. 432499. Apart from this, the Fusion offers nothing that cannot be done with the Barnes 130 grain TSX. 110 Class 120 Class See the difference ? 43. Additional rates for trophy hunts. Tags: big bucks, guided deer hunts, hunting trips, typical whitetail bucks, whitetail bucks, whitetail deer They are the furthest from the reference points but also can be subject skewed estimations based on view angles, or when additional points on the tine are present. Remember, letting those pretty-faced, thin horned deer walk allows them to reach their greatest horn potential. Going to stay with a 130 or 140 class bullet due to the 10 twist barrel. Nov 29, 2011 · Mackdaddy, I've taken 4 140"+ bucks on the same lease in the last several years. Sep 03, 2020 · Very Nice 5x4 large WHITETAIL deer SHED Cutoffs matching set with Huge G2s and Palmated main Beams,these are from wild deer. I don't have any secrets. appeared directly in front of me at 60 yards. 508, traveling at 2960 FPS when it leaves your barrel. Hardly any land is managed for Grouse in Maine. We harvest a lot of Bucks in the 130 – 140 class range, but we’ll also shoot some in the 150 – 170 class. Hunting Whitetail at the JL Bar If you are ready for the premiere Texas Whitetail Hunting adventure of a lifetime, then The JL Bar Ranch & Resort is for you. That does NOT mean everyone will kill 140 to 170” deer though! Whitetails typically range from 130- to 145 inches Boone & Crockett with a reasonable chance at a wide-racked buck measuring 150 inches and up. A four point could be world classs in some situations. Topped with a Nightforce 2. Gold  11 Aug 2017 No matter what part of the country or older age class, the 8-point buck comprises most of the antler makeup — which is fine with most hunters. There was also 55 does harvested last year. Jan 15, 2017 · anything world class has selfish thoughts, selfish agendas, and selfish tagged to it. That means more powder can fit in the case, and the position of the 130’s bearing surface in the neck allows more seating depth adjustment. This beautiful hunting ranch has gently rolling hills covered with mesquite, blackbrush and guajillo brush along with Live Oak motts and winding creek beds. Follow us on Facebook. Remember most size restrictions are based on gross scoring not net, so you have some lee way, but as others have said, to make it with an 8pt would be 1 of the "binoculars not needed" deer but any decent 10pt should make yea i want to know who scored the deer on the first page,, dont think any of them are around 140,,, adgerC15's deer is a legit 130 deer though Re: what does a 140 deer look like [ Re: Brother in-law ] #1899805 12/08/10 02:42 AM Pictures of 150 class 8 pts!! Whitetail Deer. Limit pressure. We feel it is our job as a whitetail outfitting service to educate our hunters and the general public in regard to scoring whitetail deer. In most cases. Although there are no trophy fees, we do  Hunt #7201 Guided Mule Deer/Whitetail/Antelope 20,000 Ac Private 130-170" Bucks. · Date: July 3, 2007 · Views: 34826 Nov 14, 2019 · Personally I’ve seen some huge swings in reported 6. GUIDE FEE : 175 FOR 1 ON 1-125 PER HUNTER FOR 2 ON 1. Name: ImageUploadedByTapatalk1344919729. 130 140 ¾. 150 Bucks Grossing 170 Plus Since 1997; Our Average Buck Grosses Over 150; 50% of bucks 5 Years or Older Last 3 Years; Free Range, No High Fences; 140 Minimum 130" - 139" Whitetail Hunt $2,300. One fourty to 150 class are $3000. Wilson Whitetail & Wingshooting Ranch is known for producing huge typical south Texas whitetails. 27 Oct 2017 And borderline 140s turn into B&C bucks. I have had good luck with Barnes bullets in my hunting rifles. (Typically these are 8’s & 10’s averaging mid 130's that most hunters are happy to harvest and are a great value). 130 inch PA Bruiser Archery Buck Hunt Self-filmed @ 15yds. We place hunters accordingly. The property features food plots, 15 deer stands with feeders, a rifle range, 40 acre flooded beaver pond for waterfowl hunting and deer taken in the 130-140 class every season. This beautiful ranch is 2580 acres game fenced and is managed to produce Whitetail Bucks gross scoring 130-200+. 4,000 + acres of private land is scouted thoroughly throughout the year to maximize your chances for a successful whitetail deer hunt. 130" – 139” $3,500. The parish record is a 170 6/8 typical. These are the three top trophy deer (140+ class) counties in the State of Ohio. American Whitetail Rifle Ammo gives you high-performance hunting ammunition at a great price point. This one is a little over 120 gross and 6 1/2 y/o 28in neck, add some decent G-4's and you would have a 10pt 130 class deer. Hunt Includes: – Accommodation: 2 log guest cabins, which can comfortably sleep 6 – up to 8 guests. A couple of nice bucks, 130- and 140-inch class, have recently come from the Winn Ranger District. The cool thing is that opportunities are constantly evolving. One parent or guardian allowed, no charge. 120. Dec 06, 2010 · Beam length – For an example of estimating the length of the main beam, an average 130 class buck would have roughly 20 to 21 inches of main beam length. 00 Whitetail 160 to 169 Class $6,000. My four biggest whitetail, all in the 130-140 class, three in central/west Texas and one in Illinois were taken when the wicks were lit! Any time I’m in the woods, whether meat or bone hunting the candles are out. I dont think it would be fair to the OP to see pictures of 130-135 class deer being listed as 145, and go shoot one thinking its a 145, because of bad information. 140. All hunts will be fully guided with buck rattling and grunting available during the rut season as well as safari style hunts. 1 or 2 Day Hunt 0-129 Class Whitetail SOLD OUT 2 Day Hunt 130-139 Class Whitetail SOLD OUT 2. The 140 ttsx has worked great so far. Oct 27, 2020 · Business Class Seat $70 - $130 Train from 30th Street Train Station to Washington Union Station Ave. In fact, our rifle mule deer primary hunters harvest success has been 100% each of the past 10 years with an average score of 160 class B&C! The 140 grain Tipped GameKing with a G1 BC of . Buckmaster’s Minimum Requirement for Record Book Whitetail Bucks with gun is 140 inches. 170"+ class mature buck +$2000 The property features food plots, 15 deer stands with feeders, a rifle range, a 40 acre flooded beaver pond for waterfowl hunting and deer taken in the 130-140 class every season. , I was back in the same stand where I missed the 10 pt. Sep 01, 2010 · Andreu says the biggest buck you could expect to find then was perhaps a 140-class. 23   28 Aug 2018 “Some whitetail hunters, especially from the East, have never seen a 130- or 140- inch buck. 130 to 139 class. For . 141”-150” – $4,000. Trophy whitetail deer 140-170 hunting package details at Starry Night Ranch near We do not charge by the point or by the inch like many other trophy hunts. Just as well as world class hunters could not kill a 200 inch buck or a 160 class buck if their not their. $2,295. Great selection of original whitetail and mule deer head mounts and antlers! Why purchase a head mount? They make a great gift and perfect for an outdoor enthusiast to display on the wall of a bar, restaurant or office. Ultimate Suppressor Pack; Mobile Portal; Web Store; Services. I’m Joel Gher, the Whitetail Advisor. 5 Day Hunt 160-169 Class Whitetail $5,500 3 Day Hunt 170-179 Class Whitetail $6,500 3 Day Hunt 180-189 Class Whitetail $7,500 Hunt 5: 90% success on 20-26" mule deer, near 100% success on 130-140" plus whitetail. BTHP and Black Hills Gold 143-gr. 140 Class. 140 CLASS. Trophy hunts can produce 140-170" class whitetail and 160-190" class mule deer. Numerous trophy deer taken in previous years leading up to current date. Hunts are fully guided. It is an easy way to classify deer in the <140″ range. 24 With 25" spread credit tall tines with flyers 140 of 442) 35. Free FedEx Option* $1. At that point, he and his partner convinced neighboring landowners to participate in a voluntary management program, planting food plots and refusing to harvest bucks under 130 2-3 day guided hunt for a fully mature buck with Gross Score of 131″ to 140″ mature whitetail buck with Gross Score up to 130″ Silver Medal” class • One mature whitetail buck (five and a half years or older) • 130’s to 140’s B&C score (8 or 9 point) • Up to two-day hunt • 1 hunter:1guide • Breakfast and lunch included • Additional fees may apply • Call for availability Whitetail Integral Rifle System; Leonidas TI; Behemoth; Gatling Canister; Suppressor Packages. To them an 8- or 10-pointer in that range is a  Upgrade to 130" to 140" ( 8 to 9 point Buck if quota allows ) $1,000. 30-. 5 Day Hunt 150-159 Class Whitetail $4,500 2. on one side, 14 in. Trophies typically harvested will score in the 120's to 140's B&C. buck of 3 pt. Not every hunter can claim to have shot a buck that goes over the 130-inch mark. Swift Scirocco II, Sierra GameChanger 130-gr. skull has not been completely cleaned. I stayed in the stand all day. Bullet construction and design are paramount. Restrictions apply. Please call ! Doe when available are $200 in conjunction with a buck or elk hunt. Trophy hunts base rates start at $2500 for one 130"-139" class mature whitetail buck and one mature doe. 150 to 159 class. 161 to 170 class $2,500. But the fact is a 130 inch buck, is a very good, solid animal for most parts of the country. The return client rate is near 85%. jpg Views: 5708 Size: 52. 140" - 149" Whitetail Hunt $2,800. Lot # 11 USD 130. The deer you shot is a very nice buck - congrats. But it was the five 170–200-point bucks I laid eyes on that kept me holding out for a giant. 130 Class + Now my question ishow many of this type of deer have you seen/harvested in your hunting career? 140's. “A 130 can look pretty big if you are used to seeing 100- or 110-inch bucks most of the time,” says  Come to the conclusion killing a 130 inch deer in my part of SC is more an accident then a skill! Here's last seasons SW Ga buck, 140's. To qualify for the B&C All-Time awards program, a whitetail buck has to net-score 170". 34 Dec 03, 2008 · 150-class 10 point filmed on Nov. WE CURRENTLY HAVE 100% SUCCESS RATE ON 130-140 CLASS DEER OVER THE PAST 3 YEARS. The rifle range master at CMP, that is what he was using in his highly customized M700. . 270 Winchester, and absolutely not for use on big game. 141 to 150 class $1,500. There are areas where the whitetail is driving the mule deer out, due to their species being so aggressive in nature. tos at a 1:8 scale (1 inch in a photo on TYPICaL wHITETaIL aNd COUES' dEER H4 circumference. In the early years, we only harvested mature 8 and 9 pointers strictly for management purposes. Since 1998, we have been offering private, all-inclusive guided hunting for trophy whitetail deer. We had a lot of 120 to 130 class bucks last fall that should be in the 140 to 150 or better class for 2020. Many stands don’t see a hunter all season as 130 and 140 class, up and coming, bucks are protected. I highly recommend Saskatchewan Big Buck Adventures to anyone looking for the whitetail hunt of a lifetime. I shot from one of the cedars near the skyline above the front of the scope in this picture. This area is only 40 minutes from our base lodge in Easton. This approach has worked well for me on 140- to 150-class whitetails but not top-end, Boone & Crockett bucks. This inclusive package includes three days of hunting, two nights stay, all meals, a one-on-one guide service. Based on About 45 minutes later, he was drawn on a 130-class buck. $3950. 13 Sep 2014 The spread on a 130-inch buck can looks pretty good with the ears 140 inches of antler on a buck that weighs 130 lbs will appear to be huge. 130%. Our White Tail deer hunts take place in Western Nebraska during the rut. The typical Northern fawn, which includes "button bucks," weighs about 55 to 75 pounds field dressed, while a healthy doe fawn weighs 45 to 65 Jan 10, 2017 · I would guess zone 5 and 9 would have the most public ground to hunt. Tip to tip spread. Some of the finest low fence deer hunting in Texas on over 11,000 acres loaded with river bottoms and hillsides it is a perfect backdrop for trophy deer hunting in Texas. Penetration is on par with the Partition although slightly better where heavy bone is encountered. Bucks shot under the minimum would be subjected to a $750 penalty. Others who’ve already killed bucks like that dream of a 150 or bigger. 21 1/4 inside spread, 232 pounds, Montgomery Farms H/C Edwards, Ms. Spread = 12 6/8 GBC = 117 G1 = 5 Spread = 17 6/8 G2 = 11 G3 = 9 140 Class Point and beam length are the difference in score on these bucks. 28 caliber cartridges, a 130-140 grain bullet is excellent. Dan Cole. Gross B&C Score: Price: Less than 110: $1250: 110-125: $1500: 126-159: $1500 plus $100/inch above 125: 160+ Priced upon request: Sub-management bucks: $700: Does: $125 Antler restrictions apply on all whitetails; 130" on 8 pointers, and all other 140" minimum. $3000. Be the first  White Tail Day Hunt Prices. This great non-typical also is the latest member of Kentucky's all-time Top 30 list. Inside spread is 21 4/8 The largest bucks have measured in the 130 to 140 class range. 85. Looks like a derp whitetail. 5-10×32 NXS, it weighs just under eight pounds. 145 to 149 class. Alberta is renowned for its large whitetail deer, tipping the scales at well over 300 lbs and our area is no exception. 128%. The good thing is we enjoy legal access to unposted property, and there is a lot of land in the top 1/3 of the state that is huntable, particularly pa Black Water Guide Service brings you the best free range Texas Whitetail Hunt and trophy deer hunts throughout the State of Texas. Whitetail hunting in Texas with Erskine Brothers. Wounded animal policy is strictly adhered to. 181 to 190 class $4,000. There is an Antler Restriction on all Whitetail hunts. but I don't know what that means. No way that's a 140 class. Either following a hot doe, following beaten down deer trails or the urge to feed post-rut all eventually puts them in front of our hunters. Bucks that are 3-1/2 years or older normally have 4 to 6 points on each side. Call for availability 325-365 Oct 21, 2020 · 140 class – Whitetail Buck in Houston County Minnesota by Chris West By Hunting Network June 28, 2018 Share this story: Share this on Facebook (opens in new window) Share this on Twitter (opens in new window) Nov 04, 2020 · Any one of them will work if you catch a rutting buck in the right mood to respond. 90. Elite Victory 39. BEING A LOW FENCE HUNT, 150-160 CLASS ARE A LITTLE MORE ELUSIVE WITH A 60% SUCCESS RATE. This outfitter currently carry a 70-80% shot chance at a 130”- 140” trophy whitetail with a 40% success ratio. With 140 SMK's, he claimed he was hitting golf balls, on the 600 yard berm. 00. That goes back to a lot of guys wouldn’t shoot a 130, 140 class buck in the Midwest for a good reason. Interested in becoming a certified Buckmasters scorer? We are offering a certification class Saturday, March 19th at the Circle M Auctions Whitetail Classic. 23 Jun 2010 The buck in my avatar scores 130 2/8 net as an 8 pointer with a 21 inch inside spread & 10 1/2" g2's. We have a minimum score of 140 inches that our clients must meet, and our average — taken by bow or firearm — is right around 160 inches. 00 130-139 inch. Contributors to this thread: hunt forever 05-Dec-08. There are alot of whitetail deer outfitters that blow steam up your *** and tell you what you want to hear and not the truth. For the . I recently hunted with Tall Tine Outfitters in Kansas, where owner and operator Ted Jaycox has been managing the land and deer for over two decades. - 140 in. 100 -130" class: $2,000. Our hunters will see 15-25 bucks on a daily hunt. 5 Day Hunt 160-169 Class Whitetail $5,500 3 Day Hunt 170-179 Class Whitetail $6,500 3 Day under 130 class $2,000 *each deer Buck 130-140 class $5,000 *each deer Buck 140 and up If you do not harvest on your first hunt, you may hunt the following morning or evening for only $100! Normal harvest fees apply. A good rule of thumb, if your looking for a 150 class whitetail then you will spend around $5000 on a package hunt, 130 class whitetail around $3,000, 170 class around $7,000. Outside spread on main beams is 23 0/8. 130-139 7/8 B&C 140-149 7/8 B&C 150-159 7/8 B&C 160-169 7/8 B&C 170-179 7/8 B&C 180-189 7/8 B&C 190-199 7/8 B&C 200+ B&C NYATI 05-Dec-08. Thank you. Whitetail Hunting Restrictions: Whitetails may only be hunted during the fall Texas whitetail seasons, you must have a State of Texas whitetail deer license Whitetail Scoring Is SCI Gross Measurement . Located on the edge of the Texas Hill Country and in the heart of big deer country, our award winning hunts provide you with a personal guide, five star accommodations, and gourmet meals. 12pm-6pm CST Mon 9am-6pm CST Tue-Fri We don’t want our ranch to exclude certain hunters just because they think we only shoot 170 class bucks and bigger. Make sure you're ready when the big one steps out and load-up with Hornady ® American Whitetail ® ammunition. I was surrounded by a doe group for quite a while, so I'm guessing they snuck in while I was preoccupied with them. These hunts are $2,800. For me, where I live, that’s a really nice deer. 160 CLASS AND UP: 5000. a 140 class deer has an inside spread of. Nov 21, 2017 · Remember that for a point to count towards the whitetail’s score the tine must be at least one inch. Pick Your Rattling Battles 130 class: $3500 140 class: $4500 150 class: $5500 160 class: $6500 170 class: $7500 180 class: $8500 LARGER BUCKS (price upon request) A whole field full of trophy bucks towards twilight is a common sight here. $2495. 151 to 160 class $2,000. 7, 2008 in Calhoun county, IL. Jan 30, 2019 · Guided whitetail hunts there and at most other Kentucky outfitters typically start at about $2,000 and goes up from there. 0. If you want big any Midwest state gets you better odds but my advice would be go north to Canada, I got buddies who go to Alberta most years and all kill monsters (rack and body) but most are up around 150-160 range. A 130 class typical is a pretty damned nice deer. 55. FREE 130″-140″ Whitetail Hunt Full Size 3D Deer Target Euro Mount Display Plaque $50 cash . 00 Whitetail 150 to 159 Class $5,000. Zone 9 topography is much steeper but has some incredible deer. 161”-170” – $6,400 735 Mount Rushmore Road Custer, South Dakota 57730 Phone: 605-673-4345 Email Claw, Antler & Hide Company Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts is located in Pope County known as the Deer Capital of Illinois. Fallow deer are available. Out of the  The buck is 18" wide outside and right at 17" wide inside spread. While still seeing a lot of deer, but nothing with any size. Pricing Categories (Rifle Hunts) We price our whitetails based on what we think their gross Boone and Crockett score will be. Out of 4 guys they would kill at least two 160's and a couple 140's every year up until about three years ago. Jan 29, 2006 · RE: 140 class Whitetails Heres a picture of two. Got down at noon to swap cards from a cam nearby and I bumped a 130-140 class 8 and a doe that were bedded within 50 yds in some thick stuff. Sierra Tipped GameKing, Hornady Superformance 129-gr. Unit 130 can be a good unit if the weather cooperates enough to bring the big bucks down from the Wind River Range. He hunts on privet land up where non residents have to hunt. , Hornady 8070 Superformance 275 Rigby Spire Point 140 GR 20Bo $ 35. There are a lot of 130s that are taken, poking young. 00 Whitetail 140 to 149 Class $4,000. May 26, 2019 · Here’s the actual 270 WSM whitetail buck in the story. 150" Class A big bodied deer taken by my step-dad last years rut season. There are a lot of big bucks in the Midwest. 113” shorter than the 140 Hybrid, which places the intersection of the boat tail and bearing surface close to the shoulder of the case. SUPER WIDE BUCK. It's all about the stories and being with good people that's world class in my mind. 91. Our average buck is in the 130-140 class with the top end bucks in the 140-150 class. 5 Day Hunt 140-149 Class Whitetail $3,500 2. $3,000. We think it scores around 130 to 140, there is also another deer mentioned in this film. If the weather doesn't cooperate expect only 130-140 class deer. The ranch is hunted under strict game management and several 160-175 class whitetail bucks have been taken over the last several years. 43 bucks of 8 pt. Nov 17, 2009 · 120 Class Spread = 17 H1 = 4 2/8 ( MASS = 28 ) 1OO Class Spread = 12 H1 = 3 4/8 ( mass = 23 ) Broken G3 41. Opening day of deer season comes only once a year. Does and bucks from similar age classes yield similar amounts of venison. Agreed. 13 Aug 2012 Buck in this pic was right at 130. The guys I have talked with, who do, their favorite is H4350. The Glennie Ranch has very limited whitetail and mule deer hunting, with only 8 hunters a year. If you want pin-point accuracy and serious expansion combined with deep penetration, pick up a box of . In the above graph, there are more 130-class bucks (8) than any other class so that bar is higher; those 130-class bucks are the average bucks in the population. Also, I would suggest shooting every legal 140 class WT you come across with no second thoughts. 100-110" 110-120" 120-130" 130-140" 140-150" 150-160" 160-170" 2 point 21 22 23 24A 24B 27 28 130 class whitetail. Aug 30, 2010 · I am confused about the classification of whitetail deer bucks. Club is QDM managed (4 yrs. Our guided deer hunts are averaging 100% success on 130-140 class whitetail and 60% success on 150 -160 class whitetail deer per harvest over the last 3 yea These whitetail deer antlers are on a full skull. 124 ⅜. 270 Winchester GameChanger ammunition. Most mature whitetail bucks score in the 130-140, with the top end scoring in the 150-160 class. After the new rule took effect, he says they began seeing larger bucks each season. 00; Whitetail Doe $350. 5 PRC hand load velocities, but in general you’ll see around 2950-3050 fps with 140 class bullets from the cartridge without hot rodding it. Our specialty at 5 Star Outfitters is hunting 150 B&C to 200+ class whitetails. Most of the bucks harvested have been in the 120 - 160 range with the top scoring buck from the 2007/08 season grossing 183 3/8; with over nine inches of tines broken off from fighting. 00/inch. 0% 140" and above 2 vote(s) 5. In the case of this buck, the main beam is significantly longer than the ear and eye to nose tip measurements combined. His antlers have a gross score of 122-inches (B&C). Nov 17, 2019 Harvesting Only 130 Class B&C Bucks or Better We are located just a few miles from the Iowa state line and offer over 2,000 acres of prime hunting property. This is a parish that does not seem to grow any non Our 5 Star Trophy Whitetail Low Fence Hunt includes (1) trophy deer, (1-2) doe. Looked at Hammers and accubond but concerned accubond won't open up on whitetail. “Larry had trail camera photographs of a shooter whitetail feeding in a milo field Bubba saw the two 140-class bucks, but not Pitchfork. 5 CM is your answer. Our bucks normally weigh between 130 to 230 pounds. Hill Ranch will give you the opportunity to harvest 130” – 170” (+) class buck. com is the leading Internet resource for information on Whitetail Deer Facts for the New Hunter. These hunts are for bucks up to 130" B&C. Classic Hunts will be a 3-day hunt. 130 CLASS. TROPHY FEE : $2,500. So let’s use 150 as our baseline. The 140 grain TBBC is offered at a velocity of Nov 26, 2008 · Re: Is This a 170 Class Buck? Post by killerbee » Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:48 am cool buck, i think your right in there with low 170's. 0% What is Ohio Sportsman's definition of a "World Class" whitetail? Central Minnesota, from Park Rapids to Brainerd, has some of the highest deer numbers in the state; some permit areas in the region harvest 10 to 13 deer per square mile, says big-game biologist The whitetail deer are extremely abundant in this area with classes ranging from 115BC - 150BC. One thirty to 140 class deer are $2000. SILVERADO 05-Dec-08. ” Nov 01, 2018 · This am was decent, 7+ does and couple dinker bucks. 270 Win 130 gr InterLock® SP American Whitetail® Item #8053 | 20/Box . Antlers have there original color. All of our Buffalo County Archery and Rifle Deer Hunts are done under the rules of fair chase, as there are no high fences. a month earlier. We have seen more deer and the bucks have gone from an average of about 140 pounds and 130 to 140 class to an average of 165 pounds and some 160 class and larger. Home High 150 / Low 160 Class Whitetail Rack On Skull. GBC = 107 GBC = 126 42. Nov 22, 2019 · I've seen two 160 class (one I missed at 15 yards), three 150 class, a half dozen 140 class, and dozens of 130 class. E. Age class three and a half to four and a half or 140? There is an Antler Restriction on all Whitetail hunts. The Whitetail Deer Hunting at F. 142. As you can see, this quickly simplifies scoring a deer  White Tail deer hunts at La Perla Ranch in Zapata County Texas. Our average age on mature bucks has been in the 6 year old plus for the last 4 years. The accommodations, full meal service and beverages, if its fully guided or semi guided, and last the size of your trophy. PRICE: $3,000 (Up to 140 B&C gross score) Jul 09, 2019 · Every whitetail hunter dreams of putting their tag on a trophy-class buck, and if you judge by numbers, can you confidently score the animal on the hoof?. And Dream Lake’s Trophy Whitetail Deer consists of both South Texas and Northern Whitetail mix and a wide range of class to choose from. One fifty too 170 deer are $4500. Sep 08, 2016 · With the use of over 1000 stands and many different farms, the deer are ensured minimal pressure and an increased chance of reaching a mature age. here is a mid 130 green and nothing deducted i think only the first This Nebraska buck green scored 148 with no deductions. 150-159 7/8 B&C. 74. 27-. He said your lucky if you see a 140 in a full week of hunting. There is a $500 penalty for any archery buck under 130" and any rifle buck under 140". I think the shooting a 130 or 140 class bullet would give and maintain sufficient velocity for expansion. If you have someone telling you 150B/C IS AN AVERAGE WHITETAIL DEER taken in his or her camp then "BUYER BEWARE". 00 … The creek bottoms are excellent habitat for white-tailed deer, and the rolling country is ideal for mule deer and antelope. In the life span of bucks, they usually go through a couple youthful years of having one set of small forks against a larger set. The creek bottoms are excellent habitat for white-tailed deer and the rolling country is ideal for mule deer and antelope. It is interesting to note that while a 100 grain bullet is a big game bullet in the 6mm Remington cartridge, a 100 grain bullet is a varmint bullet in the . 171 to 180 class $3,000. Second Chance Hunt $100 Hunt 20: These outfits provide exclusive private leases totaling near 100,000 acres that contain good populations of both mule deer in the 140 to near 160" class and 130-150" whitetail. Dave and the guides will help you with judging these animals. The 130 grain Fusion bullet at 3060fps is a fast killing bullet on lighter medium game inside 250 yards. High teens to mid 120's tops IMO. 140"-149" class mature buck +$500. 0% 150" and above 2 vote(s) 5. 6. 170 Class Whitetail and above when available are individually priced. 160"-169" class mature buck +$1500. Dressed weight. Click on pictures to enlarge. 140-149 7/8 B&C. But I like the real antlers of a 130- to 140-class buck, which to me have just the right mass and heft to feel good and sound good. I've taken a few over 130, in Alabama and Ga Field judging whitetail deer or "scoring on the hoof" is a requirement for every whitetail hunter who wishes to harvest a record book animal without making a mistake and shooting a buck that is simply too small. No Eight- to 10-pointers are common, however, the deer in our area consume much of their nutrition to make it through the winters, which results in few large Boon and Crocket racks. Trophy Whitetail Package Hunts: Includes: Tagged trophy deer 3 days and 2 nights at Outpost Lodge (upgrade to Creekside for $200) Fully guided, cleaning and skinning All of the above included with below hunts Up to 130 class $1,995 130-140 class $2,950 140-160 class $3,995 160-180 class $5,295 Hunt 5: 90% success on 20-26" mule deer, near 100% success on 130-140" plus whitetail. Classic Whitetail Deer Hunts. 32 caliber cartridges a 150-170 grain bullet works well. GMX, HSM Tipping Point 130-gr. can you imagine a couple yrs on him? Shot this deer Jan 2006 at 170 yards with a 300 Win Mag. The accommodations and meals are first class. I keep hearing about 120, 140, 160, etc. Elite Gt 500. hunt forever 05-Dec-08. BXS, Hornady Outfitter 120-gr. Scirocco II, Remington High Performance 140-gr. Now it is not uncommon to see numerous bucks pushing 170″, and some reaching the magical 200″ mark. Sure, there are 140's, 150's and higher roaming the woods. Unfortuna When we first started, the average size of a mature whitetail buck was between 130″- 140″. $5,000. 3 Nov 2017 This 100-inch figure includes inside spread, main beam length and mass measurements. Your very best day of hunting might happen on the back 80 acres of your family deer property, or on an unnamed backcountry ridge in Alaska. These bucks are 5 1/2+ year-old mature whitetail deer, ranging anywhere from 125 to 140-class who have reached their full potential. Up to 180 Class . These bucks are 5 1/2+ year-old mature whitetail deer, ranging anywhere from 125 to 140- class (Typically these are 8's & 10's averaging mid 130's that most hunters are   Over the years we have had several clients harvest whitetails scoring in the mid 130 to low 140 class range with no additional trophy fees applied. All gun hunts are conducted to suit each individual hunter’s preference. We have up to 300 Lock-on and Ladder Stands ready for deer hunts. Trophy Fees: 131 to 140 class 141 to 150 class 151 to 160 class ::: Website Design by unu2 multimedia 15 bucks killed 140''-154'' all other deer in the 130''- 140'' class. 00 Whitetail 180 to 189 Class $8,000. 18 3/8 "a 150 deer 18 5/8 "a 160 deer 19 4/8 "a 170 deer 19 4/8 "a 180 deer 19 6/8 "Looks like my guess is just a guess as the P&Y minimum is 130 for Typicals and the average inside spread for a 130 typical is 17 3/8 won't be many smaller than 16 is another guess. While sitting on stand throughout the day, a 130 class 12 pt. ELD-X. Last thread response was GREAT! I have IMR 4350 (b/c of my 300 HH) and that is what I'll start with on the 270! Question: Again I am new to 270 so what is the best 130 gr whitetail deer (Antelope) bullet to start with. 50 5 years - $140 (Canada/Mexico add $5 per year - all other countries add $10 per year) new renewal I’d like to become a lIFEIMEt aSSOCIatE of the Boone and Crockett Club. $3500. And note there are few really bad (less than 100 130 Class. 191 to 200 class $5,000 5 hours ago, Brad Eden said: Maine is 95% +- privately owned, so forget about public hunting land. Although he was blood trailed for over 600 yards, he was not recovered. 130 Class 140 Class Point and beam length are the difference in score on these bucks 44. The next afternoon, with only 20 or so minutes of shooting light left, a 130-inch 8-pointer walked in front of Bubba and followed the edge of the milo field. In our area, the back forks are much wider than front forks on young bucks. You've 190 Class Whitetail Shed antlers Double Drops. 140 to 144 class. 140 Class 45. Three day fully guided hunt includes a Mgt. Also, we offer hunters an option to pick up a bear tag and take a huge fall bear for only a $500 kill fee! Sometimes we can see numerous bears over the course of a hunt, with many being color phase and ranging in the 250-350 pound range. 5 caliber. Duration 1h 59m Frequency Hourly Estimated price $50 - $100 Schedules at amtrak. These are big Whitetail Deer, weighing in between 175 – 225 lbs. We offer the best high fence trophy preserve in Alabama! WHITE-TAILED TROPHY DEER HUNTS. Feb 05, 2018 · i don't shoot 1k BR but hunt to 1k and tried 120-130-136-140 and can shoot them all! i use 140 orange box and everything i shoot is DRT! lots of whitetail to 550yds speedgoats to 655 and 855. the one on the left is an 11 point thatscores 149 1/8" and the on one on the right is a 10 pointscores 143" Reply Mature Whitetail bucks will average mid 130's into the lower 150's. but that buck will also NET low 170's, supe symetrical, looks young. , Great display or decor piece. Jan 15, 2017 · 130" and above 0 vote(s) 0. The total cost of this hunt is $3,750. Non-typical point lengths. brzo23 is offline, Back To  Longtime NCW Associate Brian Otto with a monster 140 class buck he harvested Neil Dougherty connects on this 130 class buck in the last few days of the NY  They have struggled with only seeing 130-140 class whitetails and small mulies. All other bucks must be 4 pt. 00; Javelina $750. Silver Hunt, 130″-150 class, $5,000. under 130 class $2,000 *each deer Buck 130-140 class $5,000 *each deer Buck 140 and up If you do not harvest on your first hunt, you may hunt the following morning or evening for only $100! Normal harvest fees apply. As with everything reloading, your experience may vary. Oct 22, 2019 · The typical Northern whitetail fawn, which includes “button bucks,” weighs about 55 to 75 pounds field dressed, while a healthy doe fawn weighs 45 to 65 pounds field dressed. Most whitetail bucks taken will be in the 130-150 class. 130-140 class is common with an occasional 150-170 class animal. 130” minimum on all 8-pt bucks and on all other bucks there is a 140” minimum. ) Browning 120-gr. Yet that is just what  We provide very low hunting pressure to all of our hunting ground with a strict 140” minimum on all deer harvested. Hornady brass cases ensure reliable feeding and extraction in all types of rifle actions. no chews, no cracks, one damaged tine as seen in pic. Whitetail Hunts • September - January • Base Hunt - $2,495 • Any buck up to 130 Class SCI. Whitetail on this ranch range from 130-250″. 2 days ago · On Thursday, Bubba spotted only the two 140-class bucks. 1 or 2 Day Hunt 0-129 Class Whitetail SOLD OUT 2 Day Hunt 130-139 Class Whitetail SOLD OUT 2. 108. They start at $5000 Tips are not included but appreciated. On average we see 130 class deer, but in the past we have even taken a 165 class deer. We assume you are not coming to Saskatchewan to shoot a deer you could easily get at home. They hunted this year and one guy missed the only 160 they saw in a full week of hunting. 44. 130 140 class whitetail

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