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Using Revolutionary Telemedicine Technology Services

Telemedicine helps medical professionals diagnose, test, and treat patients remotely using telecommunications technology. With the use of the latest technology, we use this method to treat patients remotely. This method makes it easier for our patients that have problems with in-person visits or walk-in appointments as well as allowing our patients to save time and money. With telemedicine technology we can manage patients with various conditions easier and can do follow-up visits on our patients with ease.

With the use of telemedicine technology, our patients will have benefits such as:

Convenient and accessible care given easier.

Savings on travel and healthcare costs.

Extended access is given to consult with our specialists.

World-Class Procedures

Using the latest technologies available in medicine and enhancing skills and unyielding accuracy and precision, we provide world-class procedures to help patients with their ailments and needs.

Professional Quality Care

At Ez420Cardescondido, we ensure premium quality healthcare with the help of our highly qualified and renowned physicians that understand the importance of medical marijuana as a medical aid with its many benefits.

Why Choose Us

Obtain your medical marijuana recommendation today with ease and without any hassles. Our licensed physicians provide fast MMJ letters and are available to help you with any questions or concerns for your condition or ailments.

Easy & Accessible Healthcare To Everyone


Our mission is to make marijuana known as a medicine that can be readily available in pharmacies. Patients can count on us with their needs with the help of our highly skilled medical professionals. Treating everyone with genuine care and respect, we aim to help our patients in any way we can.

Providing Specialty Medicine with Genuine Care


We provide quick and affordable services, and cater to all our patient’s requirements. Our team of licensed MMJ doctors provide recommendations and show the utmost care by carefully analyzing our patients conditions, and answer patient’s questions. We aim to educate people on the many health benefits of medical cannabis by providing legal access use of the herb for managing or easing their symptoms. We look forward to be of service to you!

Getting Medical Treatment With Nature


Medical marijuana is the process of using the whole unprocessed cannabis plant or its extracts to treat mental illnesses, medical conditions, symptoms illnesses, and more. It can also be used as an anesthetic, and it is safer than opiates. We are here to help our patients get strain recommendations for them to get access to this miracle herb as opposed to pharmaceuticals.

Ensuring Overall Health +


Using traditional medicine and handmade chemical drugs may help us with our conditions, but these also cause severe side-effects. Rest assured knowing that your overall health is well taken care of with the help of mother nature’s miracle herb.

Nurture Both Your Body And Mind +


Medical cannabis can help your physical pain as well as any mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. Start your journey to better health with the use of this natural medicine today by getting your letter in a matter of moments!

The Use Of Natural Vitamins And Supplements +


Taking care of yourself is vital, the consumption of products with preservatives should be avoided, we recommend you turn to a more natural diet. All human bodies are different, and you need to be aware of what your body needs for you to help yourself with the underlying medical conditions you may have. Taking vitamins and supplements are highly recommended by us as it’s readily available in your local pharmacies and markets.

Why Choose Us?


You have the right to get access to medical marijuana to help you with your medical conditions and some people just make it hard; we are here to help and guide you to get your recommendation with ease.


We are still finding ways to improve and become the best in our profession. With the hardships and loopholes in the healthcare industry, we use this as our motivation to keep helping patients who need assistance; we pledge to change the future of the country’s healthcare system for the better.

Top Quality Healthcare Remotely +

At Ez420Cardescondido we care about our patients. That’s why we have provided you with our world-class healthcare in the very comfort of your homes to help you get access to diagnoses and evaluations of your underlying conditions with less hassle. Have a one-on-one consultation with our licensed physicians.

Why Our Medical Cannabis Card? +

Being our valued customer, we aim to give you top quality healthcare consultation remotely. During this process, you will have one-on-one contact with our best doctors with years of experience and a small cannabis card will serve beneficial, especially if you’re a frequent visitor to cannabis dispensaries.

Our Licensed MMJ physicians +

All our physicians are medical board-certified and licensed. Discuss your medical conditions or issues over an online chat or video call on the internet or visit us at our office. The entire discussion between you and the physician will remain confidential.

Medical Cannabis Recommendation +

If you need access to quality MMJ strains to help you manage your underlying medical issues and conditions more effectively, we recommend getting a medical cannabis recommendation. If you think it can help you ease your health issues better, get evaluated and diagnosed by our licensed physicians to get a recommendation immediately with ease.